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shammy talent tree

Mensaje por MERCER el Vie Mayo 29, 2009 1:40 pm

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Convection works.
Call of Flame works.
Elemental Warding seems to works.
Elemental Devastation works.
Reverberation works.
Elemental Focus works.
Elemental Fury works.
Improved Fire Nova Totem not able to test. (reason: check spell bugs)
Eye of the Storm works.
Elemental Reach works. party. Does not increase Thunderstorm radius.
Call of Thunder
Unrelenting Storm
Elemental Precision not working.
Lightning Mastery works.
Elemental Mastery disappears after first cast, should stay for 30 seconds.
Storm, Earth and Fire works.
Elemental Oath works..
Lightning Overload works.
Astral Shift works.
Totem of Wrath
Lava Flows bonus critical damage is not working.
Shamanism not working.
Thunderstorm partially works - knocks back randomly.

Enhancing Totems works.
Earth's Grasp not working.
Ancestral Knowledge works.
Guardian Totems works.
Thundering Strikes works.
Improved Ghost Wolf works..
Improved Shields
Elemental Weapons not working.
Shamanistic Focus works.
Flurry works.
Improved Windfury Totem not working.
Spirit Weapons
Mental Dexterity works.
Unleashed Rage works, but also applies to target when you crit on him.
Weapon Mastery not working.
Dual Wield Specialization
Dual Wield works.
Stormstrike not applying debuff on enemy.
Static Shock works.
Lava Lash does not receive bonus damage is offhand weapon is buffed with flametongue.
Improved Stormstrike charges dont work, see Stormstrike.
Mental Quickness works.
Shamanistic Rage works.
Earthen Power
Maelstrom Weaponworks..
Feral Spirit: spawn 2 wolves if you use it out of combat, 1 if used in combat. Either way, you cannot control them.

Improved Healing Waveworks.
Totemic Focus works.
Improved Reincarnation works.
Healing Grace
Tidal Focus works.
Improved Water Shield works.
Healing Focusworks.
Tidal Force works.
Ancestral Healing works partially - still can buff enemy.
Restorative Totems
Tidal Mastery works.
Healing Way works.
Nature's Swiftness works.
Focused Mind
Purification works.
Nature's Guardiannot working.
Mana Tide Totem works.
Cleanse Spirit
Blessing of the Eternals partially works - crit chance works, the second part is useless (Earthliving never procs)
Improved Chain Heal works.
Nature's Blessing works.
Ancestral Awakeningnot working.
Earth Shield works. (as talent)
Improved Earth Shield works. only for the caster.
Tidal Waves works.
Riptide works.
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