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rogue talent tree

Mensaje por MERCER el Vie Mayo 29, 2009 1:00 pm

Partially working
Not working



* Remorseless Attacks: Buff is being consumed with stealth, sprint, evasion and others spells that gives you a self buff. Procs when you discover new area (get xp).
* Ruthlessness: Doesn't proc with Expose Armor, Rupture, Kidney shot and Slice and Dice.
* Vile Poisons: Chance to resist dispel effects isn't working.
* Improved Poisons: Hard to test, tooltip is updated but I didn't notice any difference.
* Cold Blood: Against other players cold blood never goes away (tested in a duel) which makes your abilities 100% critical hit forever. Against mobs is being consumed by wrong abilities (ex. dismantle, distract, blind, garrote). Should work only on abilities capable of critical hit.
* Fleet Footed: Reduced duration works only once (for example crippling poison duration will be 7sec, and if it gets applied it will refresh to 12sec). Increased movement speed stacks with other effects.
* Improved Kidney Shot: Doesn't work.
* Quick Recovery: When your finishing moves fail to hit they do not cost 80% less Energy.
* Seal Fate: Doesn't work on Mutilate and Ghostly Strike.
* Murder: Doesn't work against other players.
* Overkill: Doesn't reduce required energy to use ability.
* Deadly Brew: Doesn't work.
* Deadened Nerves: Doesn't work.
* Find Weakness: The damage increase is too low, tooltips of abilities are updated which shouldn't happen.
* Master Poisoner: Increased critical chance when your target is poisoned doesn't work.
* Turn the Tables: The buff procs randomly on you and members of your group, increased crit chance with combo moves doesn't work. If you unlearn this talent when you are in a group this talent will still proc anyway.
* Cut to the Chase: Doesn't work.
* Hunger for Blood: Second use doesn't stack, only refreshes the ability. This talent will be changed in 3.1.0.


* Riposte: Triggers on dodge instead of parry.
* Close Quarters Combat: Doesn't work on fist weapons when autoattacking.
* Aggression: Increases damage for backstab and sinister strike only by 5%. Probably it's being wrong calculated (tooltip is being updated, it shouldn't happen).
* Blade Twisting: Damage increase is too low, probably it's being wrong calculated.
* Weapon Expertise: Doesn't work.
* Combat Potency: Only procs with "One Hand" labeled weapons, it wont proc with Offhand Labeled ones, such as Warglaive Offhand.
* Surprise Attacks: Doesn't make your finishing moves undodgable. Also damage increase is too low.
* Killing Spree: Doesn't work against players from same faction (for ex. in a duel). Isn't affected by Blade Flurry because the damage isn't considered as a yellow special atack but normal white damage.


* Opportunity: The damage increase is ~5% for Backstab & Ambush and ~10% for mutilate. Yet again tooltip is updated which shouldn't happen.
* Sleight of Hand: Doesn't reduce the chance you are critically hit with ranged attacks.
* Dirty Deeds: Doesn't increase damage from special abilities against targets below 35% health.
* Heightened Senses: The increased stealth detection doesn't work.
* Enveloping Shadows: Doesn't work.
* Premeditation: The combo points do not go away after 20sec. The points aren't consumed if you use Slice and Dice in stealth.
* Waylay: Doesn't reduce the melee and ranged atack speed of your enemy.
* Shadowstep: When used on highest range it doesn't teleport you to target. The damage buff proc but doesn't work. Shouldn't be usable while rooted.
* Honor Among Thieves: Doesn't work.
* Shadow Dance: You cannot use any stealth abilities, the error message is "The spell is not availabe to you".


* Sap: Using sap 2 times on a mob makes you and him enter combat.
* Dismantle: Removes main hand weapon only. Doesn't remove offhand, shield, gun, idols, librams etc.
* Evasion: Doesn't reduce the chance ranged atacks will hit rogue by 25%.
* Envenom: Doesn't consume deadly poison (this will be changed in 3.1.0). Damage is a bit lower then it should be. Also doesn't ignore armor because this spell damage is physical instead of poison.
* Deadly Poison: The poison stack, but damage doesn't (each stack ticks apart). Poison removing effects, remove all deadly poison stacks at once.
* Sprint: Automatically gives the effect of the Glyph of Blurred Speed without having that Glyph.
* Tricks of the Trade: The buff appears on you, but it doesn't work.
* Cloak of Shadows: Doesn't work on traps, arcane shot and volley.
* Throw: If you throw a weapon and turn back immidiately it won't cause any effect.
* Deadly Throw: If u use it and turn back immidiately it won't do any damage.
* Backstab and Ambush: If you are behind your enemy and you will also turn back to him (back to back) you will still be able to use backstab and ambush however it will do no damage, only give combo points and consume energy. It should display error message "Target need to be in front of you." and stop casting ability.
* Shiv: Doesn't apply poison and cause no damage, energy cost is lower then displayed on tooltip.
* Mutilate: When both weapons crit the damage shouldn't be splitted into 2. Very often the damage isn't displayed.
* Gouge : Damage is too low, it should scale with ap.
* Feint: Should also reduce damage taken from area of effects attacks by 50% for 6 seconds.
* Vanish: Fails easily when under attack right after use. Also when your enemies are casting spells and you vanish their spells aren't interrupted. If you learn stealth rank 2 you won't be able to learn vanish anymore.
* Disarm Trap: Not trainable cannot test.


* Glyph of Backstab: It's not working. It will be changed in 3.1.0.


* Poisons scale with spell power, should scale with attack power (all except anesthetic poison).
* All healing effects used on rogue break stealth.
* Enemy players can dodge/block/parry from behind following abilities: Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Backstab, Hemorrhage, Ghostly Strike and Auto attack (rare).
* When other players see rogue in stealth he isn't transparent.
* Dual wield penalty doesn't work.
* Hit rating doesn't work.
* Expertise doesn't work.
* Armor penetration doesn't work.

All tests done with Recount addon. If any informations provided here are incorrect, wrong or you just have something to add, feel free to post here. I will keep this thread updated.
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Re: rogue talent tree

Mensaje por Tallulah el Sáb Mayo 30, 2009 11:53 pm

^^ uhh voy a estudiarlo Wink gracias



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